My goals were burpees and train track jumps.

My goals was to get twenty burpees and I got twenty I practiced at home.

my other goals was to get one hundred and ten and I got one hundred and ten.

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My me in a minute goal is to get more basketballs in the hoop.

I will improve by coming to the school and shooting hoops. I hope I will at least get 7 hoops. Train track jumps my goal is to get 110 jumps. I will to this by finding a line at home and practicing. Burpees  my goal is to get twenty burpees and  I will practices by doing them at home.

Today we had our political parties. The six's started off by choosing group between four and eight people. In our group there was Kane, Ruby, Max, Josh, Lauren and I. Our group was about getting portable sits for the back of the over and move to other places that it is needed. Once we had our group and an idea. A leader was chosen the leader was Ruby, ruby gave us jobs to do me and Kane made a poster that got thrown out because it fell down.

I could improve on not leaving my group so much and helping to get people to come to our stand. Thought this project I felt happy because I was got to chose my groups. I wish help hard with the group.

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Out of Blue,Red,Yellow,Cyan we are going to spin the spinner twelve times and see is the most popular. As you can see it was very close but red won by one spin.

Out of Blue,Yellow,Cyan,Red we are going to spin it twelve but this time we are going to make it uneven. Red is of course the winner because it had the biggest area.



Albert John Thurgood

Born: 11th of January 1874, North Melbourne at Errol street.
Death: 8th of May 1927, Kooyoung road aged 53.
Height: 1.83m. Nick name The Great.
Weight: 76kg
Alberts dad was John thurgood, he was a builder. Alberts mum was Amelia née Buckland.Albert played mostly centre half forward but played every where he was needed. Albert was famous for being the longest kick. He could regularly punt over 73 meters. Kick a drop kick over 82 meters. Alberts longest kick was 98.48 meters long.

As a child he went to Brighton grammar. After school he joined Essendon (VFA) in 1892 - 1994. Albert played in three of the four successful premiership, the team was called the team of the century.

Albert kick 64 goals in 1893 and 63 in 1894. Albert kicked 12 goals in one game.
When Essendon vs Richmond out of the 14 goals Essendon score Albert kick 12 to win. Albert played for Essendon between 1892-1894 then moved to Western Australia and played for Fremantle between 1895-1897. He came back and played for Essendon till 1906 then retired form injury.

1927 Albert was driving his new eight cylinder Cadillac limousine but over turned and crashed in to another car he died from the crash.


Here's some links to websites that I used.

What is reflecting? Reflecting is after you have gone somewhere you are thinking back and writing what you did.

Why do we do it? So other people come onto our blogs, to see what we have done.

How do we do it? You think back to what you did and writing about it.

What tools can we use to reflect? Your mind, iPad, photos and thing that you brought back.

How can it help your learning? It helps by improving your spelling and writing and remembering your past.

My maths goal is to learn my seven times tables. My base data is tables book. In the two week period I will test my seven times table. I will use multiplication apps. I will get people to test me, and by the end I will have improved my base data score.